The ethics behind what we do, and why we do it

Anchor & Bliss is an opportunity for us to build a business from the ground up, the way a business should be built. We want to prove that you can make high quality products that don't exploit people, animals or the environment and at the same time keep those products available at a reasonable price. It's our way of saying ‘Look, this is how it can be done’.

Positivity and Inclusivity

Let’s face it, tattooing and alternative culture can be a bit of a boys club. Women (tattooed and otherwise) are often portrayed in an overly sexualised way - reinforcing a wider stereotype that they are only defined by their bodies.

We also saw a trend of packaging essentially identical products differently for men and women. These were then priced according to what the manufacturer thinks the market will tolerate - the net effect being that someone's always getting screwed.

It's important for Anchor & Bliss to be part of a movement that equalises men and women rather than playing them off against each other. Your support says that you believe things can be done differently. Our Oil Moisturisers aren't gendered or priced differently for men and women - just pick the one you like and go bananas.

Our products

We've used the fact that we’re building a company from the ground up to make some important ethical decisions about the products we sell and the services we use: 100% green power, recycled materials, sweatshop free clothing and merch, and being cruelty free are our starting position. We won’t be involved in the exploitation of people, animals and the environment in a cynical grab for cash.

What’s next?

We're investigating more ways to make Anchor & Bliss more sustainable. We're looking into Carbon offsets (to cover things like delivery to you) as well as other ways we can improve efficiency and reduce our impact.

What can you do?

Get on board! Check out our premium natural skin care products and our cool merch, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tell all your friends, and keep being awesome!

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