The Beauty Bank and the new website

Those of you who have been following Anchor & Bliss over the last little while know that we have been wrapping up the business. We officially ceased selling at the end of October, 2016, once we had finally wrapped up things with the Beauty Bank.

The idea of The Beauty Bank came when I received an anonymous gift of ‘fancy’ body wash in 2012.

The Beauty Bank you ask? Who are these mysterious people? Well, you could check out their website, but let me tell you, the Beauty Bank (featured on the ABC and Mamamia) are people after our own hearts. They collect unopened cosmetics, perfumes and the like and create awesome hampers for people doing it tough. Jen Armstrong, the founder of the Beauty Bank says “The idea of The Beauty Bank came when I received an anonymous gift of ‘fancy’ body wash in 2012.  I had just left my violent husband with nothing but my ten month old daughter, very few possessions and I was six months pregnant. I was scared, broke and didn’t know where I was going to live or how I was going to cope. It may sound silly but that body wash made me feel appreciated and luxurious and gave me strength when I felt like giving up.”

Well, it didn’t sound silly to us – it sounded amazing and inspiring. Weather it’s women who are escaping domestic violence, homeless men, kids or anyone in between, these hampers bring a little sense of control, a little luxury and yeah, a little extra dignity to people at a time in their lives when they might just need a little extra help.

They’re an awesome cause and we were proud to donate the remainder of our Anchor & Bliss stock to them – from what we hear our little rock’n’roll bottles are making their way into some men’s Christmas hampers as we speak.

So, you ask, if you’re closed, why build a new site? Well, our old site was costing us a bit of coin to keep running, so we moved all the important info over to a new site with a new host. We thought it was important to make sure that there was a place for people who have our products to find the info about ingredients, usage instructions and other safety info and sundry information. Our stuff lasts so long that conceivably people will have it kicking around for a while yet. So this is a continuation of our service to our customers and the people who believed in us.

Thank you all again, thanks to the fantastic ladies over at the Beauty bank (seriously, go check their website, donations page or facebook) and please, this Christmas season, stay safe, spread the love and have a beer for us!

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