We’re at a crossroads…

Originally published Jun 01, 2016

One of our goals when starting our business was to always be transparent and open about what we do, why we do it, and what we’re all about. We feel like we’ve managed that pretty well over the last few years – which leads to this blog post.

This financial year has been a busy one for Anchor & Bliss: after all, it was the year we finally realised our dream of launching our ethical vegan skin care line.

We’ve been blessed to work with inspirational artists and inspiring people who support and believe in local businesses – the raw talent on display in Canberra and the surrounding regions is nothing short of amazing.

Unfortunately, Anchor & Bliss has become a big drain on our finances and time…doing this thing and trying to maintain some kind of balance while also working full-time in our ‘real jobs’ is not easy. The news that we’re having a baby, while promising in the free labour capacity, only adds to that stress in the short term. As such, we’re at a bit of a crossroads with the business at the moment.

The good news for you is that we’re throwing a massive ‘maybe going out of business’ sale (the shop equivalent of a house destruction party) so we can make the most of the stock we already have – we’re offering big discounts on our beautiful products because we believe in them and we want to see them  make their way out in the world. Regardless of what else happens with Anchor & Bliss.

Use code ‘Sayitsnotgoodbye‘ for 50% off all orders til the end of June 2016!
anchor and bliss oils at the beach

What can you do?

Obviously you might want to capitalise on the sale, but we realise that not everyone is in a position to buy from us. We totally understand – but we’d love your support any way you can. Feel like sharing the good sale news with friends and family? Go right ahead! Want to post on social media or just tell a friend about our stuff? Be our guest! Feel like blogging about an eco-business? We love to talk. Know the purchaser for Lush? Give us a call!

And so…

We don’t know what the next 12 months will hold – for us personally it will be the start of our family, which  is very exciting! – but as for Anchor & Bliss, it’s a mystery. We may wrap things up, or we may be able to bounce back and keep pushing. But we wanted you all to know, whatever happens, how much your support has meant to us, and we want to thank you, so much, for getting behind us and believing in us and what we do.

Don’t forget to use the code ‘Sayitsnotgoodbye‘ for 50% off your order until the end of June 2016!

Thanks again. Keep being awesome!

Andy and Bec

  • Lynne Losik says…

    We also hope it’s a break and not good-bye. We have been so proud of you both and your commitment to Anchor & Bliss. The oils are beautiful and the bath salts divine. To know that while using these beautiful products we are doing our small bit for the environment makes them even better. Good luck to you both as you continue 2016 with all the excitement it will bring.
    M/D aka L/R

    On June 06, 2016

  • Team Bulks x 5 says…

    I really hope it’s a break and not a goodbye, your products are amazing, beautiful, professional and best of all, they really work. It’s been so inspiring watching you guys create this business and make such a go of it, and I hope that when the time is right, Anchor and Bliss will relaunch with aplomb and be bigger and better than ever, and get the recognition it deserves! Good luck with all the exciting changes ahead!

    On June 02, 2016

  • Alison Collett says…

    Great people, great business, great products. It takes so much courage to put it all on the line to bring your dream to fruition and I have been so inspired by your efforts. I really hope it’s not goodbye.

    On June 01, 2016

  • Raquel says…

    Hi Andy and Bec, you’ve been doing such an amazing job with your business. From the little I’ve seen of your effort through Facebook you’ve looked incredibly professional and organised and systematic. It’s really impressive. Congrats on your baby news. Raquel ? Xx

    On June 01, 2016

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