Ethical cosmetics with a rock and roll aesthetic.

Anchor and Bliss ceased operating in October 2016 - this site exists for customers who need historical product information. 

About Anchor & Bliss

Anchor & Bliss was born out of a love of tattoos, a search for natural, ethical skincare, and a growing sense of frustration and unease with the gendered nature and feel-bad tactics of the cosmetics industry.

We have a passion for ethical products, tattoos, our dog, craft beer and tasty food. We believe businesses should exist to serve people and help make the world a better place. For the people involved in them they should be a way of spending your time on something meaningful, expressing yourself and creating the life they you want. A business should have heart, and preferably that heart will be tattooed somewhere obvious.

As part of putting together our products we made important ethical choices about who we buy from, what we do, and how we can contribute to the alternative culture that has done so much for us. We want to show that you can make high quality products that don't exploit people, animals or the environment and at the same time keep those products available at a reasonable price.

By supporting Anchor & Bliss, you’re helping us do all these important things. So give yourself a pat on the back for sticking it to the man, you magnificent bastards.

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